Art metal tune

Hi, I been learning how to make music with free software, toying around for the last half year.

I give some of my free time to improve Ardour in some small areas (in 2.8.4 if I remember) but hadn’t been making music
that much at the time cos I was working as a technician for a studio project using free software that sadly didn’t take off at the end.

So now I’m working in other things as a developer for a living but using ardour + rosegarden (for midi) + linuxsampler to make my music.

And I’m trying my best effort to make an EP this year.

So here is it, my first demo made with ardour, it still have not voices and have also the keyboards missing:

BTW I need some good free hammond samples or emulator. Any ideas?


sounds good!

How did you do the drums? Is this programmed or live?

thanks a lot,

The drums were programed in rosegarden to trigger linuxsampler loaded with a high quality drumkit patch.

Everything else but the scream (taken from a horror movie) were played live by me: electric guitar, electric baritone guitar and electric bass.