Arrangement Markers

I had just about decided to post a query for how to learn about the new arrangment marker features in V8, when lo and behold, Nathan @ Harrison’s video answering my need showed up in my YouTube subscriber feed. Thanks to Nathan, and to the Ardour crew for implementing such a cool feature!


Informative video. Thanks for sharing. Could be cool to have “Ardour names” (err, Mixbus) for different song parts at some point. Overture/Prelude/Intro defaults… “bridges.” To speed up the work-flow and to keep things nice and uniform.

Not sure I got your point: Ardour allows renaming the arrangement markers: it just defaults to calling them verse1, verse2, etc.

Nathan actually demos using “normal” location markers (created during playback using the Tab key shortcut), and later “promoting” them to be arrangement markers.

Cool. I’ll soon update, so my “point” was in relation to the Mixbus video, mainly.