Arrangement 'Chunk' (AKA: Rosegarden, Cubase........)

Hi all,

I ask this question about once a year as I can’t live without this feature. When will we see containers that can be resized, arranged etc that can contain audio samples (just like in the majority of other audio apps)?

This is the only thing that I feel is missing from this amazing application, but I can’t live without it.

Any info greatly appreciated.


You haven’t described the feature at all.

Hi Paul,

Please see my previous post on this topic (which will describe what I’m looking for):

Sampo made a comment in the above post that code did exist for this ‘feature’, but is no yet in use.


Audio Parts, and the Audio Part editor, are described in Chapter 16 of the Cubase manual. As far as I know, this exact feature (the Part Editor) doesn’t exist in any of the other DAWs out there, so if your workflow truly requires this type of audio part editing, you may be stuck with Cubase for a while.

When you open an Audio Part in the editor, does it edit all of the copy-pasted parts, or just the one you opened? If the latter, then a suitable workaround is to assemble the part you want, and bounce the resulting 4 bars to a new region on a separate track.

There are plans to allow multiple regions to be combined into a single region, and this would allow “Audio Parts” type functions in ardour. But there are no immediate plans to make an “audio part editor” which would allow on-the-fly editing of the combined regions.

Audio parts have a major limitation in that only one sound can be heard at a time (i.e. you can’t layer samples on top of each other and call it a part). If we implement an audio part editor I’d suggest that we consider removing this limitation. We should also consider a “clone” operation (like cloning in Inkscape) that allows you to clone a region, and all edit/envelope operations are applied to the clones.

When you open an Audio Part in the editor, does it edit all of the copy-pasted parts, or just the one you opened?

It depends on whether or not the part is ‘real’ or a linked copy.

I just find it easier from an arrangement perspective to have an Audio Part that is say 4 or 8 bars long. I will create many of these for each instrument I use and will edit (cut, paste, delete) the audio parts as necessary, rather than compose my song of individual audio files.

For example it’s easier to have an audio part that is 2 bars in length that contains snare hits on each off beat. I can just copy and paste that part around my song rather than have to individually mange my audio samples.

Does this make sense??? Also, this is not just a Cubase feature. You can find this in Muse, Rosegarden, Logic…the list goes on…