arpage oddities in Ardour 3

I’d like to start by saying my gratitude to Paul and the whole community here who have made this great DAW and answered so many of my questions!
I’ve been lurking here for a few months as I’m in the process of learning this all. Now I’ve stumbled across a problem I can’t seem to find a solution for and I figured it was time to poke my head up and say “hello.”

I’ve been toying with Ardour 3 (while still using 2 for most of my recording), and I’m excited about the midi possibilities. I have been using arpage ( with yoshimi and an external midi kbd/controller, and I have found a weird issue. Usually I route External controller -> arpage -> Rosegarden -> Yoshimi (or whatever synth/sampler). That way I can record the midi and put it into whatever synth sound I want later. When I try to do this with ardour, somebody loses the signal.

So, Kbd -> arpage -> rosegarden -> yoshimi works fine.
Kbd -> ardour -> yoshimi works like a charm.
Kbd -> ardour -> arpage -> yoshimi also works
Kbd -> arpage -> ardour -> yoshimi gives me no signal at all.

That last one is what I’m wanting because then I can cut rosegarden out of the workflow. As is, I have to record it in rosegarden and then dump it into ardour.

Let me close by saying this is in no way a complaint or even a feature request. It’s more just that I found something that behaves oddly, and I thought you would like to know about it. It may also turn out that the problem is on arpage’s side of things, but since it does work in Rosegarden I was doubting that.

Thanks a bunch,

ps. anybody have suggestions for other arpeggiators? What else is out there

Maybe some useful information here:



Hi Lathqe,

I haven’t started using Ardour3 yet, but I am currently starting another stretch of work on arpage and will certainly take a look at the issue.

Please feel free to email me at my straypacket gmail account.

Talk to you soon,


Hi Mark,

What kind of improvements/additions are coming up in the next Arpage ?