Are there "linux VSTs" available?

I recently heard about “linux VST” within this forum. But I never have seen something like that. As of my understanding this is a recompiled Windows VST on the linux platform. Are there any provider for this on the market? Where to get linux VSTs?


LinuxVSTs are VSTs written and compiled for Linux. Some are Windows VSTs ported to Linux yes, but more are just plain VSTs that were written for Linux at this point(Though many hope that will change).

You can find some links to various manufacturers here…


All the linuxDSP plugins are available as linuxVST, in addition to JACK and LV2 formats. (linuxVST is currently supported more comprehensively and across a wider variety of linux host applications than LV2 at this point)

Thank you all your answers.
@Paul: I know these links. But this seems to be realted to lv2 and ladspa. I never heard about linux-vst before and I just want to know whats the difference to the other formats.