Are there good alternatives for the free Reverb plugins found on Windows?

I placed the Samplicity collection in my .lv2/ directory, as it came as an lv2 library. Zeroconf found it automatically.

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No, they are LV2 plugin-presets, and hence they have to to be placed in the plugin-install location.

You have to unzip then to $HOME/.lv2/ as mentioned at x42 Zero Config|Latency Convolver. There should be a folder ~/.lv2/samplicity-m7-ir.lv2/. After that restart Ardour so that the presets are picked up.

PS. You can in theory place them elsewhere and then set LV2_PATH environment, but I highly recommend against that.

ok thanks Robin
Is that just to move the samplecity, or al the rest:


If one wanted to bundle those IR’s in a Package can they be installed to /usr/lib/lv2 or will they only work in ~/.lv2?

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@GMaq /usr/lib/lv2 also works fine.

Any place where LV2 plugins are located according to the LV2 Filesystem Hierarchy Standard will work.

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OK, excellent, would be nice for folks to load your great Plugin and have everything ready to roll! Thanks for both the convolver and collecting the IR’s into presets!

You’re welcome.

The most time consuming part was setting the level, so that when you switch between different IRs they all have roughly the same volume.

I also like the simplicity. There are countless convolution plugins including the excellent one from Linux Studio Plugins Project. But I find opening a file-browser, finding the IR on the disk, maybe tweak some knobs, etc rather disruptive.

…and if you need or want more controls, the IR files can be loaded in other convolvers after finding the right one.

Impulse Response files that you load into a convolver by using a file browser can be placed anywhere in your file system.

The reason the samplicity-m7-ir.lv2 folder needs to be in a proper LV2 folder is so that the plugin can find and use the preset file.

Thanks Peder
This is very helpful as I have ir files i got from different sources
I will gather all the lv2s and put them in the correct .LV2 folder
Thanks to everyone for all the info. I think ir reverb is great as you can
have several different ones in a project and it hardly loads down the
system, unlike previous reverb types. It sounds fabulous too.

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All of them. Though many of other ones are somewhat esoteric. Some are also only available as mono or mono to stereo.

If you know of good IRs that can be liberally redistributed, please let me know, and I’ll be glad add them.

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Hi I’m using Ardolur 7.5.609. In a mono channel strip, after I unlink the panners and double click the send, Im not getting a separate pan control. This is the same if the send is to a mono or stereo bus. Has something changed since you explained the panning on August 8th?
Many thanks

No change. You only get a pan control if you send to a stereo bus though (regardless if the panners are linked or not).

Thanks very much. I get it now

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