Are crash reports useful?

A question for Paul and the developers: is it useful to you to receive crash logs from one-off crashes that didn’t seem to have a specific cause?

You should have no expectations about progress on a bug report. Sometimes, nobody will comment on it for months (sometimes even years), and then boom! it is fixed. Sometimes there will be a flurry of activity to collect information and then … silence. There are just no patterns. What matters is that you file the bug so that we can find it later, and reach you if we need to.

Thanks for your interest.

That’s what I thought – just wanted to check.

Also, is it normal for all communication on a bug report to halt? Should I just assume that means that you know about it?

As always, thank you for the work you do on Ardour.

If you cannot repeat a crash at least 75% of the time by following a recipe, then the chances of us being able to deliberately (versus accidentally) solve the issue are close to zero.

Good to know. Thanks!