Are ardour generated wav file (on interchange/.../audiofiles) in BWF format?

I know protools save BWF info in its generated wav files when recording.
Does Ardour do that?

(long story short, I had a catastrophic failure in a hard drive, the painfully recovered hundred of thousands of unnamed files, and my only chance would be if the BWF header is in fact written, or at least the date, ideally with the original filename so I can write a program to try and make some sense out of this mess)

Thank you very much

The files that Ardour creates when recording can be in a large variety of formats. One of them includes BWF. The format is considered a per-session property, and so can be changed via Session > Properties rather than Edit > Preferences (the latter covers global parameters, not per-session ones).

Thanks a lot, Paul.
I’ll check. I never touched that option so I guess it’s whatever the default is