Ardrour 5.1 source code


The builds 5.1 are now available (

Where is it possible to find 5.1 source code ?



The ardour git, which is quite easy to find on github(Though technically a clone of Ardour’s git repo IIRC):

Not sure if this is the ‘release’ version of 5.1 or a testing version of it for the record. There hasn’t been an announcement of it’s release yet for instance.

Release process goes like this: git tag -> let the nightly builders build it (may take a few hours) -> check if builds are good (also takes some time)-> write release notes -> publish on -> announce it.

That’s just the high-level overview. but the point is: The whole process can take a day from start to end. It may turn out that some issue caught in between may result in starting over (as it happed with 4.5 -> 4.6).

Which was pretty much my thought on it, and why I cautioned in my post was in case something happened, a last minute bug found the resulted in a delay, etc.


It’s now available.
Thanks for your answers.


Sorry but this source code produces errors in compilation and cannot be compiled.


Errors :

-> task in ‘libfluidsynth’ failed (exit status 1):
{task 140313536596688: c fluid_midi.c -> fluid_midi.c.2.o}

-> task in ‘libfluidsynth’ failed (exit status 1):
{task 140313536596880: c fluid_adsr_env.c -> fluid_adsr_env.c.2.o}

-> task in ‘libfluidsynth’ failed (exit status 1):
{task 140313536596944: c fluid_chorus.c -> fluid_chorus.c.2.o}

Please copy the complete output including the actual compiler error and open a ticket on

(or pastebin and join us on IRC)

It only happens with --windows-vst option for waf configure.
But I’m gonna compile again and post the output.

The compilation output is too long to be posted here so I opened a Mantis ticket (#6984) on with output file attached.