Ardroid RIP?

There is a nice wifi based “remote” called Ardroid that works well with cell phones and tablets.
When I tried it out on 5.0 it just did’nt work.

Is it due to all the changes to Ardour, or am I just doing something wrong (that’s very much possible, but I allways got it to work before)?


You should check out touchDAW. It has worked great with 5.0 for me.


Found it. Will check it later.


Too bad there’s no free software solution now.
I’m trying to see if I can update Ardroid here

and here is the link -

Nice! How would one build this for Android 6/7?

I’m now on touch osc.

There is also open-stage-control.
There is an experimental ardour control preset, and you can customise everything.

I didn’t try it yet but this is a Open Source solution :slight_smile:

Maybe it will be useful to have published an apk file for easy installation.