Hello there!
anybody have any experiences with the ardourxchange software? Bad, Good?
how does it work if you have a midi channel in lets say a pro tools project and want to convert into ardour 2.8.1 wich doesnt support midi? or mixbus wich also doesnt support midi?
let me know ya’ll



MIDI I am 99% certain will be ignored. It is intended for audio tracks only. I don’t know how PT handles the conversion to AAF or OMF however, if they render the MIDI tracks to audio in the export then obviously Mixbus/Ardour will bring in the rendered audio. (Not even certain if AMF or OMF handles MIDI, not something I have dealt with a lot)

I have a license to ArdourXChange, and used it for a time with some FCP7 sessions, but got hung up on things I was working with John to fix. But had to move on while he kept working on them to get work done and forgot to come back to it. May have to give it another shot here again.


Yes I got exactly that problem, with the actual wine versions it s just not running and theres not much you can do about it, i still have an old indamixx version on an old laptop ONLY for that reason, which is kind of annoying… not sure if ardourxchange can do something about it or it is just the changing wine software that is unpredictable…


I think there is an issue with ArdourXchange not working with current versions of Wine, I had a post on my forum about this and the author of ArdourXchange was recommending versions of Wine previous to 1.0 to a user. In my experience it is not possible to build Wine that old (from 2008) on recent and current distributions due to the dependencies changing so much.

I am no expert nor have I used ArdourXchange personally but that was the conclusion found there, thread is here if you want to look:

Hmm pretty sure I had a more recent version of Wine when I was running it actually. That is the real issue with WINE based programs though, WINE can be somewhat of a moving target.


thanks guys, quick and good answers as always!
I shall post my experience if I get some.


so it installs well with the .dlls above on DREAM , not on avlinux in my case…

@ Paul : ah I missunderstood Johns comment, I thought the sponsoring and going to “open source -ness” of ardourxchange was about converting / rewriting it into a linux version…

@calimerox: well, there is that possibility too, but ardourXchange as it is currently is windows code. i’d be delighted to see a cross-platform version of it, naturally, but its unclear that the financial support for that work is forthcoming.

@ John E

thanks for your help! It would be so great to get it integrated into ardour, I hope more and more people get aware of how powerful ardour/mixbus will be with ardourxchange included!

@calimerox: i am the principal reason that it is not integrated into ardour. ardourxchange is a windows application, and although i understand the utility of the what it does, i am not going to integrate a newly-written, custom designed windows application into an application running on Linux (or OS X).

Hi Calimerox,

Most people report that AxC will work with the new version of Wine if they substitute these DLLs instead of the ones that end up in the ArdourXchange bottle (that Wine now creates)_

It doesn’t seem to work for everyone though.

Also (as you know) I’ve offered to release ArdourXchange as open source and even integrate it into Ardour. There’s even a sponsored feature here on Ardour’s web site. Unfortunately, not enough people are willing to sponsor it… :frowning:

Hello - i’m the developer of ArdourXchange so to answer those points…

  1. MIDI - MIDI information isn’t supported by either OMF or AAF as far as I know, so it won’t even get as far as the exported file.

  2. Wine - Wine is in a bit of a mess at the moment. If I understand the problem correctly, previous versions of Wine (pre version 1) used to ship with the bona-fide Microsoft DLLs (such as MFC42.dll / MSVCRT.dll etc etc). From Wine v1 onwards that all changed and Wine now ships with its own implementations of those DLLs. Unfortunately, most of them are a long way from being complete. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to swap out a Wine DLL and go back to using the official Microsoft version - but first of course, you need to identify which DLL isn’t working for you (and you can only do that by trial and error). Most users have found that they only need to replace two (or even sometimes only one) DLL but that doesn’t work for everyone :frowning:

  3. Remember that the only version of Ardour which supports ArdourXchange is the one that ships with Indamixx. Unless I’m mistaken, Ardour itself doesn’t include the neccessary support modules. Mixbus supports ArdourXchange though.

@ John E

thanks for your advice! Could you mark out which dll s would need to be exchanged for most of the users(is it the MFC42.dll / MSVCRT.dll you mentioned?) that would make trial and error more efficient :slight_smile:

Is there any hope to get ardourXchange as a linux version or maybe as part of mixbus in the future? that would make things so much easier.
Till now for all my collaborating work i always have the problem depending on wine being working with either AAtranslator (for omf) or having indamixx installed on another partition (just for converting .aaf)

thank you for connecting ardour with the rest of the multimedia tools out there !