ArdourVST crashes when closing VST-Plugin editor window

Hi everybody!

I have just tested out ArdourVST to see if I might be able to extend my library of LADSPA plugins with some free VST ones. I have tried a couple of them so far and they seem to work well. However, every time I close the VST editor window, Ardour crashes and I get a couple of seconds of repetitive sound.
I am using Ardour 2.7.1 on an i686 with Fedora 9 and the CCRMA realtime kernel.
Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated!



Welcome to the hair-pull that is ArdourVST. What VST plugins caused the crash? In my experience about 40% of VSTs will work “well” with fst (the utility that Ardour uses). Also what version of JACK? You have to please both JACK and FST in order to get good performance, also the version of Wine will make or break things as well, I have not been able to get reliable performance and Window displays beyond Wine 0.9.52 personally. Here is a short list of VST’s that work for me:

I have installed 2.7.1 but haven’t had time to fully test it yet, perhaps it brings more VST issues into play

Thanks GMaq for your response. I have tried several of the plugins you have listed, including ANWIDASOFT DX Reverb Light and the FishFillets. All of them show this “odd” behavior. However, I suppose you just told me the reason. I am using Wine 1.1.9, so I probably will have to go back to 0.9.52 or earlier. Honestly, I have not worried about the version of Wine I use until now.
The only question left so far is whether I will have to rebuild Ardour after changing the Wine version.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Again,

Although it is possible to build ArdourVST with one version of Wine-dev uninstall then install another matched version of Wine and Wine-dev, I would strongly suggest to recompile Ardour with the Wine (and -dev) version you plan to run it with. I’m afraid I don’t know much about Fedora but my guess is finding an older Wine .rpm binary for 0.9.52 could be difficult. I am still using Ubuntu Gutsy for that very reason, Although Wine isn’t terribly difficult to compile my experience in compiling older versions of Wine in newer Ubuntus haven’t been nearly as stable as using what I’ve got, perhaps Fedora is a different story, hopefully.