ArdourVST Compiles/Installs OK, Opens file dialog, Then fails to launch?

I’m still evaluating Ardour and was able to successfully compile ArdourVST on my laptop under Linux Mint (Daryna). I installed Ubuntu Studio on my desktop and compiled it again the same way, Now when I launch ArdourVST the open session dialog opens and after selecting and setting up a new session, the GUI doesn’t appear. I haven’t installed ANY VST plugs yet, the only error in the terminal (sorry I can’t post it from the desktop) says something about the “UI conf” file and that the canvas will appear broken. There are no other errors displayed in the terminal. Any ideas?

Also if I want to set up a "launcher" where is the "ardourvst" executable file, I'm having difficulty finding it, the UNIX file tree is still foreign to me. Help and time are appreciated.

If you are evaluating Ardour and VST plugins are not critical to you, I strongly, strongly recommend that you do not use ArdourVST. If they are critical to you, please be aware that supporting Windows/x86 VST plugins makes Ardour essentially non-debuggable and very hard to get useful information from when problems do occur. This is true even if you are not using VST plugins.

The ardourvst executable is actually a shell script that should have been installed in PREFIX/bin, where PREFIX=/usr/local unless you reset it when running scons.

Paul, thanks for your quick reply. To be honest I really like a lot of the LADSPA plugs but I do Miss the VST capabilities for Guitar Amp modeling, I can pretty much get along without it for the rest. On my laptop I’m learning the percentage of VST’s that will actually run is quite limited anyway. I also realize that the whole ArdourVST thing is a concession to a standard that is well established and not going away (like it or not)and really isn’t the direction you want to go with Ardour. Perhaps I will investigate VST Host. Thanks for your hard work and for being accessible to Average Joe’s like me.

You do indeed have many options for using Ardour with VST and other plugins. You can, as Paul advises, skip the internal VST support and simply use the LADSPA sets, or you can tie the JOST system into Ardour via JACK, or you can use the dssi-vst or FST bridge, or (as you suggest) you can try running VSTHost. Yet another solution: Run Ardour on a Linux box, then route its audio out to a VST host on a Windows box. You don’t have to do without your VST plugins, but you may find that they’re not actually irreplaceable. :slight_smile: