Ardour's new goodies

I’m taking the liberty of opening this thread to hopefully bring in our comments and impressions on new features and improvements, leaving maybe the official release post for thanking and installing troubleshooting.

I am already enjoying the bluetooth playback and wanted to point out how cool it is to have a shadow of your track in the automation lane:

Screenshot from 2020-05-26 16-10-33

I am looking forward to some comments on the TouchOSC template and the Lua scripts, neither of which I have ever used but looked very interesting in the what’s new list. Also MIDI virtual keyboard looking great, thanks Robin!

Puzzled… 5.12 already provided waveform shadow in the automation track? Or do you mean something else?scrot20200527083022

You are totally right, I don’t know, something visual made it stand out more to me. Something that was already there appeared like a brand new feature, that is the magic of Ardour 6.

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