ardour's future shapes

Hi Paul,

I caught you on a GearSlutz discussion thread saying the following :

Now, we are aware that there are a few users who tell us "I don't need this, I don't want this, don't make me think about this". There will be a version of Ardour in the future that merges JACK into Ardour itself, so that there is no reason to think about running a separate program at all, and we will likely attempt to even hide the possibility for inter-application audio routing from this version. I think its a shame to limit one's possibilities in this way, but given that Ardour is a user-driven effort, I imagine it will happen anyway

??? is this true ? if yes, will it be restricted to OSX ? or is A3’s internal routing so jack independent that jack routing will become an option among other possibilities ??

It would be nice to have some comments on this. Thanks :slight_smile:

I said that in 2007. Technically its still possible to do (theoretically its just a change in how Ardour is built, not much more). After seeing so many Mixbus users take advantage of JACK to route audio from other applications (admittedly, in my opinion, their efforts are misguided, but hey, I’m just the programmer), I am no longer so sure that its a direction to put much effort into it. If it ever happened, it would almost certainly be OS X only.

It is true that in Ardour3, there is now (some) internal routing that is not done with JACK, but this is limited to aux sends and has been done mostly to avoid cluttering up the JACK “space” too much.

OK, thanks for the clarification.

I browsed the mixbus thread and some ardour related posts in GearSlutz (was bored at work :slight_smile: ). I see very mixed opinions about the whole jack concept. I guess coming from the all-in-one bloatware school, it is hard to fathom the modular-n-cooperation school of thought :slight_smile:
Dropping jack from ardour just sounds to weird to me :smiley: