Ardours 2 and 4 side-by-side?

Is it possible to run Ardour 2 and Ardour 4 on the same debian Linux machine without corrupting files etc.?
I have Ardour4 installed, and I just downloaded the appropriate Ardour 2 package from the Download area here.
Reason being, I have some early, pre-2005 ardour projects that I unearthed from an old hard-drive and some won’t either open or export in 4.7.
It’s not a biggie, but I am curious abt what I was doing back then :slight_smile:
Thanks, Norv

If you install from, then it certainly is 100% possible. They will not interfere with each other in any way.

If you install ardour from a Linux repository, that all depends on the choices made by the packagers for your Linux distribution, which is not something that Ardour developers have any real control over.