ArdourGTK2 2.8.11 -> Ardour 2.8.14 can no longer record

Hello … I’m using Debian squeeze1. Up until now I was using the version of ArdourGTK1 that comes with it. I recently downloaded 2.8.14.

Open ArdourGTK2, create new project, add track, enable record.
Works perfect. Load old projects everything works fine.

Do the same in 2.8.14 and it doesn’t record and I have to hit the stop button twice. Everything else seems to work.

Any ideas?


Couldn’t get any response on that thing. I thought one of the perks of paying/subscribing was support. Canceled subscription, you can keep the 25 bucks I paid for downloading. Maybe 3.0 will work, right now betas won’t work for me either. Acts like it’s installing but then just kind of evaporates.

Oh well … the free one still works.

Later …

Well considering there has been so much conversation in the past 8 hours from people getting support and discussing development that I can’t see my logs from farther back than that, it is hard for me to tell when you were around, but I can tell you IRC is not instant support, it is a chat protocol. That means if noone is awake to be able to help you it may seem like you won’t get a response, but if you just keep the window open in the background someone may be able to help before long, or it may take hours before someone is awake and able to help and is on IRC to see the question. I can tell you it is most active during daylight EST (GMT-5 IIRC)

Of course if you were having problems getting help all you had to do was say so here and I would have attempted to continue helping you sort it out here. The issue is I am not even sure where to start with that particular problem, it would seem likely it is something very low level in your system to be honest.

But lets start trying to troubleshoot anyways… First off for my own curiosity, When you typed ArdourGTK2 above, I assume that was supposed to be ArdourGTK1, as in your first post, which would imply Ardour v1, which never even saw a stable release so the fact it worked is impressive and even more impressive is that it is still even available considering how old that is. Is this correct in the typo?

Ok when you say it won’t record, does transport move at all when you hit play? Or does it move fine and no regions are created that you can see? If the second option, are there any audio files created in the interchange directory? Where is the session file itself located, and what is the exact path to the session?


Try the package from this site?

Hard to say beyond most people have no problem with it so what you are experiencing is strange. Any output on the console?


Yep … it’s baffling. I downloaded the 32-bit version from this website. At first I got a warning about real time privileges but I corrected that.

Jump on IRC (Help>Chat) and ask there, this may take a bit to figure out. Forums aren’t really the best thing for this type of troubleshooting.