Ardour6 (Win) & SSD Drums "Free"

Have been using Linux Ardour 5.17 for years with no issues whatsoever. LOVE IT!

But recently bought Alesis drumset for MIDI drums and, long story short, couldn’t get hi-hat triggering mapped to Linux drum plugins. Saw LOTS of solutions for Windows-based plugins and decided to give that a shot as “proof of concept” while I figure out how to duplicate in Linux.

So I loaded up Ardour 6.6 (64 bit) in a cheap laptop with Intel Pentium i5 processor, running Windows 10. Downloaded and installed MT Powerdrumkit (MTPDK), placing relevant *.dll file in /username/Documents/Plugins/VST directory (created by me), pointed Ardour to that directory, created MIDI track with fanout, tinkered with latency, and everything is working as hoped for. Fantastic!

But MTPDK has only 1 kit, with some pre-processed tones, so wanted to look into some alternative plugins with more natural sounding acoustic kits and discovered Steven Slate Drums 5 “free” edition (SSD5). Followed SSD5 instructions to the letter, placed the plugin in the same directory for discovery, but it does NOT show up in the list of plugins. SSD5 doesn’t list Ardour as a supported DAW, but shouldn’t it work on pretty much any windows-based DAW, if configured correctly? After MUCH troubleshooting, the Ardour log indicates the plugin is being blacklisted. I’ve verified the downloaded plugin is 64 bit. I’ve cleared caches, cleared blacklist, and increased plugin scan times, but without success. Has anyone gotten SSD drum plugins to work in Ardour DAW?

Here is the Ardour log file, copied & pasted:

2021-04-25T09:26:30 [INFO]: Output channel count configuration not supported
2021-04-25T09:26:30 [INFO]: Input channel count configuration not supported
2021-04-25T09:26:30 [INFO]: — Windows VST plugins Scan: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Plugins\VST
2021-04-25T09:26:30 [INFO]: * C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Plugins\VST\MT-PowerDrumKit.dll - x64 (64-bit)
2021-04-25T09:26:30 [INFO]: → OK (VST Plugin “MT-PowerDrumKit” was added).
2021-04-25T09:26:30 [INFO]: * C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Plugins\VST\SSDSampler5.dll - x64 (64-bit)
2021-04-25T09:26:30 [INFO]: → Cannot get Windows VST information, plugin ignored.
2021-04-25T09:26:30 [INFO]: — Windows VST plugins Scan Done
2021-04-25T09:26:30 [INFO]: VST 2 Blacklist:

2021-04-25T09:26:30 [INFO]: VST 3 Blacklist:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\SSDSampler5.vst3

2021-04-25T09:26:32 [INFO]: harvid version: 803
2021-04-25T09:26:33 [INFO]: Loading menus from C:\Program Files\Ardour6\share\ardour6\ardour.menus
2021-04-25T09:26:33 [INFO]: Loading user ui scripts file C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Ardour6\ui_scripts
2021-04-25T09:26:33 [INFO]: Loading plugin order file C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Ardour6\plugin_metadata\plugin_order
2021-04-25T09:26:33 [INFO]: Loading history from C:\Users\Owner\Music Recording\SSD Drum Test\SSD Drum Test.history
2021-04-25T09:26:33 [INFO]: SSD Drum Test: no history file “C:\Users\Owner\Music Recording\SSD Drum Test\SSD Drum Test.history” for this session.
2021-04-25T09:27:55 [INFO]: — Windows VST plugins Scan: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Plugins\VST
2021-04-25T09:27:55 [INFO]: * C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Plugins\VST\MT-PowerDrumKit.dll - x64 (64-bit)
2021-04-25T09:27:59 [INFO]: → OK (VST Plugin “MT-PowerDrumKit” was added).
2021-04-25T09:27:59 [INFO]: * C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Plugins\VST\SSDSampler5.dll - x64 (64-bit)
2021-04-25T09:27:59 [INFO]: → Cannot get Windows VST information, plugin ignored.
2021-04-25T09:27:59 [INFO]: — Windows VST plugins Scan Done
2021-04-25T09:27:59 [INFO]: VST 2 Blacklist:

2021-04-25T09:28:00 [INFO]: VST 3 Blacklist:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\SSDSampler5.vst3

2021-04-25T09:28:00 [INFO]: VST3<C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\SSDSampler5.vst3>: Cannot load VST3 module: ’
2021-04-25T09:28:00 [INFO]: VST3<C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\SSDSampler5.vst3>: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\SSDSampler5.vst3’

Can anyone suggest a solution for SSD5 to work within Ardour? Thanks in advance for any thoughts offered.

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