Ardour6: See overlapping regions

In Ardour6 (default view settings) you cannot see the underlying regions if regions overlap. I do not understand this design decision - or is it a mistake to have the default settings like this now? - because this is an absolute necessity for me!

After playing around with it for half an hour, I finally found the right slider: it is in Settings / Colors / Transparency / opaque region base -> turn it down 3 centimeters…

Compare the results:

I thought I’d share, maybe someone else is looking for this too…

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Yes, I use this setting as well, for viewing the underlying grid lines. You can also use the stacked view for regions instead of overlapping.
This may seem a logical default for your situation. In reality, this is purely user preference, as not all users have the same workflow / needs.

As I do not work with grid very often nowadays, I didn’t really think about that - but it is also a very important observation!

The stacked view is of course absolutely great for certain situations and comping the best take out of several tries…

And of course it is subjective, that’s why I wrote “for me” in the first post; but even after thinking about it for a while, I still think that some indication of a “hidden” region beneath another is very important for almost any situation (especially for beginners I would imagine)…

Anyways, it’s easy to change (once you know which slider to look for in the preferences)… :wink:

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Thanks for that laex :slight_smile:
You might appreciate to right clic on the trackhead ?

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Yes stratojaune, stacked view is great for certain situations.

But as written above, for a lot of cutting applications, sound design, mastering etc. I prefer seeing what lies underneath… :sunglasses:

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