Ardour6 rc1.144 - stereo compressor randomly loosing proper imaging

Hi all,
I need help troubleshooting this one. I’ve been mixing with the test builds of V6 rc series. I’ve noticed something weird that happens randomly and seemingly all by itself.

I have an lsp stereo compressor on a buss. In this case, its on my drum crush buss. What happens is I’ll be working on the mix, and I’ll start playback and suddenly notice a major increase in level of drums in the Right side of the mix. This usually happens after some time from starting Ardour.

I open up the plugin and I can see that the stereo input to it are fine. But its output is way off. the left side has reduced its output and the right side is near 0dBFS. The “fix” is to copy the plugin, delete the old, and paste in the new. And all works perfectly.

This does not happen in V5 of Ardour. And has only started doing this in the past couple rc builds (for me ending with 1.44).

The log shows nothing. How do I find out what is happening?

Thank you,

LSP plugins version ? There was a similar bug with some plugins but it is now fixed with the last 1.1.19 version of LSP.

Oh, I will try updated. I was on 1.1.14.

Yup, that was it. Thank you sub26nico!!!

You’re welcome. I encountered the same issue with LSP Multiband compressor, both in Ardour5 and Ardour6. IIRC, a NaN issue when Play/Stop many times.

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