Ardour6: failed to instantiate LV2 GUI - also hang on exit

Hello guys, I just installed Ardour6 (official build) and so far so good. Problems with 2 (for now) plugins, Eq10q and GXcabinet. No GUI, only General controls, from log: 2020-05-24T14:48:18 [ERROR]: failed to instantiate LV2 GUI
Plugins installed from GeekOS repo for Opensuse

Also Ardour hangs on exit and needs to be killed.
ps output while hanging:
$myuser 8128 82.8 3.8 4079004 636188 ? Sl 14:45 8:12 /opt/Ardour-6.0.0/bin/ardour-6.0.0


Ardour 6.0 also hangs here on exit with Manjaro XFCE.

Same hang on exit here (OpenSUSE Leap 15.1) but I have yet to install the latest corrected build…

Install Ardour from GeekOs repo. Both my problem fixed with that version !

This will happen with all plugins that still use GTK for their main GUI , and were linked against a different version of GTK.

Luckily most plugins have meanwhile moved away from using GTK. Recent guitarix should not be affected anymore.

EQ10Q downloaded directly from them is working fine with me. (I did have problems with the distro repository version a while ago, though, with version 5.12.)


Thanks Luis - I’ve been using EQ10Q for years and started having to use the version direct from them with (I think) 5.12 - so I’m glad to hear I’ll still be able to do that.

Would you mind filing a bug report on Could you get a backtrace?

run Ardour6 --gdb, start it with run, later when it hangs, Ctrl+C in the terminal and thread apply all bt. (see also

Nevermind, that was the gcc4 version of Ardour6.0. Gcc5 version works fine :slight_smile:

… what we like to hear :slight_smile:

Also in Opensuse Ardour-gcc5 does not hang on exit.

I"m running Ubuntu Studio 20.04. I built Ardour6 from the git respository and installed it with the waf install.
I’ve seen the hang on exit once. I have also lost all the GUIs for all of my LV2 plugins (Calf, Dragonfly, GXStudio…)

The DSP CPU usage seems higher in general - with Ardour5 .12it would idle around 3 or 4. Now it idles closer to 23. Ubuntu Studio has a real time kernel and I’m seeing more XRUNs than I did with 5.12 too

Do you have the suil-dev package installed?

This is just a gentle reminder that although some forum participants may offer help and insight, as a general rule we can’t provide support for self-built or 3rd-party built versions of Ardour. There are too many variables that affect builds and performance (including bugs) for us to be able to offer help given all the possible permutations.


Understood. It occurred to me that I could try your demo version and see if I have the same issues.

I didn’t. A rebuild with that package made the difference in the GUIs. thanks.

So should I use the binary provided on the website instead of the version in the Arch repo for that reason?


In general we encourage that yes. Nothing against distro versions, but the build process used to ensure compatibility isn’t always easy and some distros have in the past changed it for a variety of reasons which can cause issues that don’t show up in the binary version.


OK I will do that. Just a suggestion, you may want to put that on the website. Installing via the binary is super-easy but I didn’t know there was any advantage in doing so.

I have a question out of pure curiosity. Is the Ardour provided binary file “self-contained” in that it has all the dependencies built-in? Or do I still need to have the dependency packages installed that are required if I install through my distro’s repository?

The only dependencies we have on your system are:

  • libc (required for all programs written in C to be able to run)
  • libstdc++ (required for all programs written in C++ to be able to run)
  • X Window system (required for any graphical programs to run)

Nothing else is required, and your system almost certainly has these 3 already.