Ardour6-copy-mixer messing up tracks

after figuring out about the dummy-backend dependency of ardour tools, I was trying to use ardour6-copy-mixer to get mixer settings from a reference project to many others without success.
I’ve got a bunch of recordings with songs split into different projects (not done by myself). Track number, order, names everything is identical on the projects (I renamed tracks based on a Lua script), and I have set up the mixer in the first one. Added groups and busses for drums and vocals, and except for faders there are no plugins (yet).

But when I use ardour6-copy-mixer, some of the tracks are messed up, though most of the settings are copied. The biggest problem: One of the tracks is dropped and replaced by a copy of another one!

This looks like a bug and I wanted to submit a bug report, but the Mantis system of the bug tracker seems to be currently broken. It doesn’t accept new accout creation (weird timeout errors after Captcha).

Is the described problem with copy-mixer known to others? Any ideas what might be causing the messed up track layout? Track names are flat without exotic characters, e.g. BD1,BD2, SnareT, … Tom1, Tom2. FYI: Tom2 get’s replaced by a copy of track Toby. Both starting with ‘To’ …

Toby (yes - the track involved contains my own vocals :wink:

Follow up: [SOLVED]

Diving into the details I’ve found that one of the involved track names did include a exclamation mark due to a typo (should have been a 1 without shift key - I guess).
And after renaming all track files and adjusting the ardour session file accordingly eliminating exclamation marks, ardour6-copy-mixer hasn’t replaced tracks in a strange manner anymore. Therefore, I have to conclude that copy-mixer tool, and maybe libardour itself, doesn’t support track names including exclamation marks, which doesn’t get obvious at first glance. The GUI allows to assign such track names, and there hasn’t been an obvious issue when working with the session. Bad luck …

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