Ardour4 not seeing jack in Audio Systems

I currently have Jack running (QjackCtl: 0.3.12) and am able to use it with audacity and hydrogen with no problem, but Ardour does not see it in the “Audio Systems” drop down on start up, and the only option is ALSA. I’ve tried adding my own ID to jackusr and audio groups but that didn’t help. I used “dnf install Ardour4.”
Entering Ardour4 -v gives me this:
bind txt domain [gtk2_ardour4] to /usr/share/ardour4/locale
Ardour4.4.0 (built using 4.4 and GCC version 5.1.1 20150618 (Red Hat 5.1.1-4))

RedHat packagers ship the audio backends for Ardour as independent packages. We do not support distribution built versions of Ardour.

Yep. that did it! Thanks Paul.