ardour4.7 gcc5 available somewhere

Hello everyone,

Since I upgraded to (x)ubuntu 16.04 I cannot see anymore the GUIs of eq10q.

It is explained in that this is due to a change in the compiler. EQ10Q is apparently built with gcc5 while my Ardour version was with gcc4.

I spent a lot of time working with the eq10q plugins in my sessions, so I cannot switch to another eq right now.

Is there a way for me to get Ardour 4.7 built with gcc5 ? The nightly builds apparently can’t help me.

Ardour 5 is due in a few days now if all is well, and will feature automatic selection of gcc4 vs gcc5 IIUC. Ardour 4.7 is only built with gcc4 for the bundles I think, but kxstudio has a gcc5 version (you can add the kxstudio repositories to ubuntu 16.04)

I didn’t even realise/think that I could also get ardour via other means than this site and even less that a gcc5 “version” was available. Thank you!


It is important to note that for support purposes you should use the version from here, however obviously in your case I recommend using the GCC5 version:) If you have issues see if you can replicate in the version from here though before reporting it. It can be surprising how packaging difference can break things sometimes.

Of course with A5 due out soon, this will be less of an issue I believe, as FrnchFrgg pointed out.


Thank you seablade. I indeed prefer to use the version here as a subscriber :slight_smile: Because I don’t want to go into too much problems and waste too much time, I for the moment switched to my second computer (which has still everything working good with gcc4) for my mixing work. I am better off waiting for the new 5.0 version for my main computer.
Being a user that never compiles anything himself, I just learned some new details to pay attention too.

And just so you know, Ardour 5 was just released today.