Ardour3 - segfault

Hi, I’ve tried A3 after some time. It compiled OK, it starts, it allows me to choose new project and than it crashes.
It’s the version from 03-12. I’m on Gentoo/32bit, I also updated Jack1 to the latest. (jack-audio-connection-kit-1.9999 and ardour-3.9999).
Other stuff works OK with this Jack version (Ardour2, Hydrogen, Seq24, …)

The log:

Using SSE optimized routines
Callback to
Current release is 2.8.11
Unusual local version: 3.0pre0
Found 0 along :/home/vtech/.config/ardour3/templates
Grab new name focus
lost focus - here it stays, before I click Apply.
lost focus
Segmentation fault

Do you have any ideas/tips, what can be wrong?


See seablades answer here :

ok, sorry