ardour3 nanokontrol problems

Hi there,

I try to generate a template for ardour3 using a nanokontrol2 and i can assign the faders manually by mouse middle click and touching the fader , but i cant assign transport controls, like stop pause, rec, The operate controler now appears but and disappears when i click on the to be assigned button, but nothing actually happens. Also I try to safe my setup so to start ardour and have the nanokontrol workig right away but couldnt figure out how. is there a session manager, that can reassign all that stuff? catia is crashy on my machine unfortunately… I m on manjaro linux on a thinkpad t60… thanks!

restart did not change anything… ;( with same configuration Mixbus transport control runs flawless… anyone experiences the same?

There is already a binding map for the nanokontrol2 shipped with Ardour. I suggest that instead of trying to create a new template, you consider editing that one. It can be found in the “etc/midi_maps” subfolder of your Ardour3 install (from or various other places depending on your platform and where you got Ardour from.

got it, perfect! I was always “struggling” with the double click on the generic midi ;):wink: