Ardour3 crashing with sgementation fault

Hi all,

just if it interest someone: I’ve built Ardour3 on Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit-Kernel sucessfully, but Ardour crashed with an segmentation fault.

It said:

bla@sound:~$ ardour3 bnd txt domain [gtk2_ardour3] to /usr/local/share/locale Ardour3.0 (built using 14211 and GCC version 4.7.2) ardour: [INFO]: Loading default ui configuration file /usr/local/etc/ardour3/ardour3_ui_default.conf Loading ui configuration file /usr/local/etc/ardour3/ardour3_ui_dark.rc ardour: [INFO]: Your system is configured to limit Ardour to only 4096 open files ardour: [INFO]: Loading system configuration file /usr/local/etc/ardour3/ardour_system.rc Loading user configuration file /home/bla/.config/ardour3/ardour.rc Using SSE optimized routines Checking for Announcements from ... Speicherzugriffsfehler (Speicherabzug geschrieben) "

So the kern.log says

18 02:03:18 sound kernel: [ 55.274597] ardour-3.0[1951]: segfault at 7f57ffffffe8 ip 00007f58b1295533 sp 00007f58a3e8d718 error 4 in[7f58b11da000+e5000]
Mar 18 02:03:59 sound kernel: [ 96.654286] ardour-3.0[2021]: segfault at 7f19ffffffe8 ip 00007f1a59e5e533 sp 00007f1a4ca56718 error 4 in[7f1a59da3000+e5000]
Mar 18 02:04:45 sound kernel: [ 142.901243] ardour-3.0[2105]: segfault at 7f09ffffffe8 ip 00007f0afa8ae533 sp 00007f0aed4a6718 error 4 in[7f0afa7f3000+e5000]
Mar 18 02:26:28 sound kernel: [ 1445.279627] ardour-3.0[3039]: segfault at 7f92ffffffe8 ip 00007f93f61a6533 sp 00007f93e8d9e718 error 4 in[7f93f60eb000+e5000]

The solution for me, after trying it to recompile a few times, was to turn off the announements via “-a”. Under a 32bit-Kernel the compiling was working immediate. I am behind a Windows machine which shares its internet connection to the linux box, if this information is useful in this case, because i remember once Ardour was complaining somewhat about a “are you behind a Proxy?” or somehing else before crashing. I can’t remember it correctly, but it was different to the normal output.

Kind regards

however, this particular bug is already fixed at (our source code repository)

Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. I wasn´t aware if this was either an bug or a configuration-specific problem, so i´ve choosen the forum way.

When a program crashes during startup (or at any time), its a bug, even if there is a configuration problem.