Ardour3 build fails

I tried to build Ardour3 on ubuntustudio 10.10 but it fails. fst can’t find windows.h and other wine1.3 stuff (but they are present in /usr/include/wine/windows). I’m not very familiar with c compilers. Please, tell me how can i fix that?
all wine1.3 packages are installed. May be something missed through last update from lucyd, don’t know.

I’m not sure if building Ardour3 with VST is supported yet (or at all. Plus the fact that wine1.3 is fairly new and in developement as well) but make sure you have the wine-dev package installed

Being able to compile A3 is kind of the first test on whether or not you should be attempting to do so at this point, it is not in any way shape or form publicly released and is not yet ready for testing by the masses(Though that isn’t to far off).

Beyond this I am not sure that VST support in A3 works at all, I can’t remember if that got fixed or not. For more help you shouldn’t be coming here but instead communicating via IRC.


Ok. Thanks for all!

By the way latest fst itself compiles normally but requires wine1.3 and gcc-4.5