Ardour3 Build failed

Trying out Ardour3 (for looking at MIDI features and contribute in development if needed).

When compiling SVN revision 7805 I get the following error:

…/libs/ardour/ In member function ‘int ARDOUR::AudioEngine::connect_to_jack(std::string, std::string)’:
…/libs/ardour/ error: ‘JackSessionID’ was not declared in this scope
[173/650] cxx: libs/ardour/ -> build/default/libs/ardour/audiofilesource_1.o
Waf: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/ardour/3.0/build’
Build failed: -> task failed (err #1):
{task: cxx -> audioengine_1.o}

Versions of software:
Kernel 2.6.35-gentoo-r1 x86_64
JACK 0.118.2
gcc/g++ version 4.4.2

Before digging into the code just thought I should ask if anyone else has experienced the same problem?

Nimal Ratnayake

Only 0.118.2 has the session.h include file which defines JackSessionID which the compiler couldn’t find the definition of. I had the 118.2 installed in /usr but the include files from 1.9.5 (which I had not forgotten to delete) were in /usr/local. After cleaning up /usr/local/include/jack and a “./waf configure” the problem went away.

@seablade: Thanks. Yes - I am aware of the problem of multiple versions. Actually jack installation process checks for conflicting installs and stops when found. It was only the include files that were lurking around - these are not checked for by the ‘configure’ script.

For the record, based off your last comment you probably know this, NEVER install multiple versions of Jack. It does bad things:)


if you are compiling A3 you really should be getting help on this on IRC. That being said it looks like whatever version of Jack you are using doesn’t have support for Jack sessions, so you basically need to upgrade and make sure said support is compiled in. I don’t know the specific version required sorry.


My bad. :slight_smile:

I like where Paul is going with 3, though.

Thanks for the responses.

Noted that the proper forum is the IRC. Will use that instead.

Correct, but then again read the first line again;)

Compiling A3 is considered the first test to make sure you SHOULD be compiling it, so you should not expect much help at all, especially over the forums, thus my comments about IRC.


Paul himself has said that version 3 is just for development, not for the public, and that he won’t support it.