Ardour3 beta5 Play cursor is moving delayed


I’m testing Ardour3 Beta5 and I’m having a bad behaviour with playhead cursor (the red one). I don’t know if this is a general bug or is only afecting me. The problem is the following:

When a a region is playing the red cursor is moving over it but the position of the cursor doesn’t corresponds to the playhead time exaclty. For me, the playhead cursor is about 1 second delayed. For example, if a drum kit is played is very easy to identify that problem with the bas drum or snare. In such case I’m hearing the drum 1 seconf before the cursor reaches the drum on the waveform.

Another test to reporduce that can be done ataching a waveform at the start of the sesion (timeline 0). In that case, when I start playing, first I hear the music and a second later the red cursor starts moving.

In Ardour2 series I’ve never had this issue, in Ardour2 the position of the red cursor is very very very acurate. And in Ardour2 the red cursor starts moving imediatly when play button is pressed.

I think that this issue is only related with Ardour3. Can someone confirm that? Should I open a ticket in Mantis?

Thanks and best regards

  1. you were specifically asked NOT to discuss beta releases of ardour3 on these forums. It said this very clearly in the startup dialog. We don’t want future searches related to ardour3 digging up old and irrelevant problem reports.

  2. all bug reports should go to mantis.

  3. there are some differences between the way we compute the playhead position in a3 and a2. they should NEVER result in that much delay. i suggest that you wait for a3 to actually be released, check this issue again, and then consider filing a bug at that time.

Hi Paul

sorry to bother you, where can I post/read something about Ardour3 Beta5? Isn’t this forum good? Actually when I start a new post Ardour3 is between the selectable topics.

BTW many compliments for your job mates, I’ve been using Ardour for years (I’ve been using GNU/Linux exclusively for 15 years now I guess) and this A3 is fabulous!


UPS! Found it, sorry :wink: