ardour3, alpha9. I'm getting regularly this error. No idea why.

I’m getting the Log window pop up showing

[ERROR]: JACK: JackActivationCount::Signal value = 0 ref = 2

Lots of times.
Does anybody know what this is exactly?
It’s quite annoying, cause it makes the Log window pop up in front of you (I don’t know if you can disable that Log popping up. I guess it shows up because it’s an alpha).

Other than that, I find the alpha9 amazing and very robust.

First rule of alpha testing of Ardour is don’t talk about alpha testing of Ardour on the forums, use IRC and Mantis for this:)


In addition, the second law of testing Ardour is not to bother reporting error messages from Jack2, which is absurdly verbose and yet rarely helpful with its output.

Sorry, I just wasn’t sure if it was a bug or something I understood wrong.
Keep up the great work and sorry again.