ardour2reaper Script

I mentioned this in the Reaper forums, and was asked to post here as well: it’s a Python script to convert Ardour 2 projects to Reaper. It’s pretty basic, eg. no automation, but it was useful for me and may be for others. It’s here:

Thanks much!

Worked very well for me, thanks very much! Could you make it Ardour3 compatible?

Here’s my output for an .ardour3 conversion:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "./ardour2reaper", line 518, in convert(arg) File "./ardour2reaper", line 341, in convert session = Session(filename) File "./ardour2reaper", line 284, in __init__ parse_list(element, "Route", Route, self.routes, self) File "./ardour2reaper", line 37, in parse_list obj = the_class(element, session) File "./ardour2reaper", line 194, in __init__ self.gain = float(child.getAttribute("gain")) ValueError: could not convert string to float: