Ardour2 ujust won't play anything

Hi there!

I’m new to ardour, but I know Logic and ProTools a bit. I’m on Slack 12.0.

I created a new project, created a track within it and imported a *.wav file from a live recording into that track. When I try to play that track ardour just won’t do anything. It dioesn’t move, there’s mo error message, also not in the terminal that started ardour. The *.wav is there, I can see it.

I do not get any jack error messages.

Anyone any ideas about what’s going wrong?

Thanks i. a.


That is unusual…the only two things I can suggest to check are

  1. Ardour is actually connected to JACK (you can use the JACK menu in ardour to disconnect and reconnect)
  2. Next to the clock, there is an option box that you can change from internal to JACK to MTC. For testing purposes make sure it is NOT set to MTC, and if set to JACK make sure it is the ‘time master’.
    Probably best to set it to internal just to try and solve the problem.

If nothing, then you may need to hop on to the irc channel for help