Ardour2 doesn't compile on Arch Linux

Hello, currently I have Ardour3 up and running on Arch Linux. I have some old Ardour2 projects that I’d like to continue working on, but Ardour2 fails to build on Arch. I’m told on the Arch forums that it’s an upstream issue. Any chance on a fix? I’m aware that Ardour3 will open an Ardour2 project, but things like pan automation don’t survive the conversion. Thanks!

You haven’t provided any details whatsoever of what the problem is. Ardour will build on any platform, but it has requirements that a particular version of a particular Linux distribution may not make available.

Ok, just tried to re-build Ardour2 and after it compiles for awhile it gives this error:

In file included from libs/vamp-plugins/plugins.cpp:44:0:
libs/vamp-plugins/Onset.h:60:5: error: ‘aubio_pickpeak_t’ does not name a type
aubio_pickpeak_t *m_peakpick;
libs/vamp-plugins/Onset.h:61:5: error: ‘aubio_onsetdetection_t’ does not name a type
aubio_onsetdetection_t *m_onsetdet;
libs/vamp-plugins/Onset.h:62:5: error: ‘aubio_onsetdetection_type’ does not name a type
aubio_onsetdetection_type m_onsettype;
scons: *** [libs/vamp-plugins/plugins.os] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

You have the wrong version of aubio. The API for aubio changed and the version of the Ardour code you are building is not compatible with the new API. In git, we have made things compatible with either aubio3 or audio4.

Ah, I have no idea what aubio is or does, but a quick look at my system tells me I have “aubio-0.4.1-1” installed. As Arch is a rolling release, I would imagine it’s quite a process to rollback to an older version of a package (dependencies and all…). So unless there are any plans to update Ardour2 to use the newer aubio API, I guess this means Ardour2 is broken on Arch indefinitely?

It should be possible to install an older version of aubio parallel to the current one. It’s quite a common thing to have several versions of a library installed, so that binaries that need a particular version are usable. That’s actually what library version numbers are there for.

Ardour2 will not be updated to build against the new aubio API.

Ok, thanks for all the info. I will bring this back to the Arch forums and see if there is a solution. Thanks again!