Hello good people.

Quite a long time ago, I picked up a couple of old Akai HD recorders (DR4). During my resource research, I heard about ardour.

Have downloaded what I ‘think’ is everything need to compile. Installed Scons. Got to source directory of Ardour. Typed scons and am told it doesn’t exist. It’s just been too long since I did any software development and I’d just like to get on with making music.

Is there a compiled beta version 2 available? I’d really like to use this for it’s VST/MIDI/MMC support and to sync to the HD recorders.

Please use 0.99.3

There is no new functionality that will be useful to you in ardour2 at this time, and until it is distributed by package management systems, you will have to build it yourself. 0.99.3 is available for most linux distributions as a binary package using the normal installation mechanism for your distribution.

Ahh. When I first heard of Ardour,it was during my research for software to work with Akai DR4 HD recorders. This was one of the first things to show up in my searches. I’ve got 0.99.3 but, I couldn’t see anyway to use it for this purpose. Anyway, it was my understanding that this version added midi functionality/VST support. I’d like ‘basic’ midi functionality and/or the ability to sync to the HD recorders. Can anyone help with this? When, if ever, is this sort of functionality planned?

Is there an idiot’s guide for compiling under OSX?


The Ardour 2 Beta 5 .dmg is coming soon. Watch the news for the link.

Maybe I got the version number wrong. I asked about this and Paul, (I think he’s one of the big guys behind this project) said that there would be no new functionality in that version that would help me. The home page says “Ardour 2.0beta5 released” and has a link to it. I’ve downloaded it but haven’t had any luck. Do you know of anyone who has gotten this to compile? Hopefully they can help me to build it myself and find out if I can use this.

Sorry. I missed that post from Paul. The roadmap shows both MIDI and VST support coming, but doesn’t say when. I know the feature set on Ardour 2 was frozen in September, so you may have to wait. So far, I haven’t had any luck compiling Ardour 2 on OSX myself. But, then again, that’s not my strong suit. I’m a filmmaker by trade, which means I specialize in directing, but dabble in everything. LOL. Have you had any luck using the binary of 0.99.3 with your HD recorders?

I have tried, but haven’t had any luck. I can see a bit for using MTC, but that or the MMC type of sync would require midi. As I can see no way of telling Ardour which midi ports to use, I can’t figure out how to use this feature. Shame as this looks like a good little application which could - eventually - do just about everything I require. Just not yet.