i have just installed ubuntu studio 9.10 so where do i get a copy of ardour from as my machine is not coneccted to the internet

as i see the dl’s on the ardour web site do not list version compatability

The Binary Download on the Web Site should work with any moderately recent distro. Given that yours is 9.10, I suppose there is a chance that it might not work with that, but I suspect it will. Hopefully someone is still around that runs that that can confirm or not.

Alternatively you could compile it yourself.


thanks for the advise but i am an ex windows user and i am used to finding a exe file and clicking so i think i need a file like that ( deb )

do ardour sell the software on disc…because i could not find a sales page or whatever

Hi Derek,

Ardour should already be installed if this is Ubuntu Studio. However, it will be a rather old version. Ardour is not sold on CDs as far as I know, but you can go to this page
with any computer and download the “Ardour 2.8.12 for Linux x86” package. Then get this via USB or burned CD on your Ubuntu Studio. Then it’s pretty much double clicking on the downloaded file, if I remember correctly.

On a side note, Ubuntu 9.10 is more than 2 years old, so you might run into some compatibility issues as well as problems when you ask people for help. If not, it’s fine, if you do, maybe you should consider A/V Linux ( which is up-to-date, has Ardour and lots of other Audio/Video tools set up very nicely and ready-to-go.