Hi… i was very happy with an old version of protools (4.3.1) & a 700Mhz ibook running on os 9… until it got stolen a few weeks ago. What’s a poor boy to do? I am not very technically minded & completely incapable of programming, but on the other hand I like the sound of Ardour. Should I run back to Protools or should I try to get Ardour (& its scary associated progs) installed??

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Are you getting a new Mac? If so, set-up is not very difficult. First, pop in your install DVD, and go to the optional installs package (scroll down in the window that shows up). Under Applications, click on X11. Then download JackOSX package (this is an installer… it may ask for your password, but not much more!). Then download Ardour, and probably the LADSPA plugins.

The next step you only need to do if you are on an Intel Mac, and you should only have to do once. Go to /Applications/Utilities/Audio Midi Setup. Press apple-a to enter the ‘Aggregate Device’ editor, and create an Aggregate Device (press the plus sign). Choose built in mic and speakers for an input and output.

Start JackOSX. A preferences window will appear. Under device, choose your newly created Aggregate Device, and start Jack. Start Ardour. That should be about it!.

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Well, since it’s free, it won’t hurt you to check Ardour out. The installation is pretty painless as joshpar’s post explains.