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Hello there!!!

First thank you Paul Davis for your amazing soft!

I recently moved to Win10 for some reasons and test and wanted to record things with my Zoom R24.
I installed the R24 drivers, but if it is seen as an interface, it doesn’t see the 8 capture inputs.

When I open Ardour, it doesn’t see the R24 at all. I installed the Asio4all but the problem persists.

Does anybody here know this gear and problem?

Thank you a lot in advance!

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Hi. I am not familiar with this device although I use to use a Zoom MRS4 and MRS8 as stand alone recorders back in the day. In the manual, if you go to page 111:

There is a setting on the Zoom itself that puts it into a mode to behave as an audio interface. Did you take this step? Once that step is taken, when you open or create a project in Ardour you will want to make sure to select the Zoom as both your input and output device (you should not need ASIO4All to do this).
I hope that helps.

Thank you for your answer.

The R24 is well connected as an audio interface, and i use it to listen to my Win10 sound.
Moreover, R24 has 2 mics that Windows see and can use.
The problem is when I want to see the 8 inputs. both invisibles in Win and Ardour.

It seems other drivers can interfere with the R24 drivers. Does this help ?

Thank you.

Ok, I don’t understand. It’s solved.
I haven’t change anything since yesterday, when I installed Asio4all, it didn’t worked. Today, it didn’t worked. One hour ago, it worked. Ardour saw the R24.

Sorry for anybody who would need (maybe me in the future? ) a solution, I don’t know how it have been solved.

I’m glad you got it fixed.

I own the device but I only use it stand-alone. After seeing this topic I went and tested it in windows. I saw that there was an firmware update 1.13, I installed it and the R24 win10 drivers. Plugged in the R24 and changed its mode to Audio Interface on the device. I have no other USB-audio drivers and no asio4all drivers on my system and the device seems to work just fine. The R24 driver seems to also have the ASIO option.

I have had so much fun with this device and there is no other like it :slight_smile: The new model from zoom doesn’t have the mixing capabilities R24 has, it’s supposed to be just a tracking device.

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