Ardour zoom has driven me insane

I am using Ardour for the first time. I have been driven temporarity insane by Ardour’s zoom functions. The scroll bar at the bottom of the window does not act like any other scroll bar I have even seen. I have tried all the zoom foci and its accompanying zoom in and out as well as the Select Zoom Range magnifying glass at the top left. All I want to do is zoom in on the place in the timeline where two regions I have placed end to end abut. I would really appreciate some simple step one, step two directions on how to do this. Especially directions that are not like the ones in the manual. I do RTFM and they were not help to me. Thank you.

I usually use the mouse pointer as zoom focus and use Ctrl/scrollwheel a lot. It works for me, but it takes some getting used to and I’m sure there are better ways of doing that and many other things in Ardour than the way I do them!