Ardour + YouTube


YouTube sounds stops if Ardour started. Is there any way to work in Ardour while watching videos from YouTube?

I’m using an internal audio at the moment with JACK.

If you have a ‘Cadence’ - program installed, may be this will help:

Start Cadence> Go:

System > Jack Bridges(right bottom) > ALSA Audio > Bridge Type: (choose) - ALSA->Loop->JACK

than press ‘Start’<strong

In my case, this video helped me much with Cadence, Carla usage:

Just compare your packages to this video. If some of installed bridges in the video are not installed in your system may be it could be good to try them to install.

If you use only Jack, probably jack_utils.h will make your day ? Have a look at page 48 here

Hi guys! I’m sorry, was busy installing UbuntuStudio 16.04.2, there were some issues without Internet Connection (but it is great OS. I’ve got no words to describe how i’m happy at the moment - it’s just brilliant imho).
cooltehno: what Cadence is? Can you give me a link to site pls? (there are many cadence in
stratojaune: seems like complicated for me at the moment (I’m new with Linux). Could you provide me instructions pls? What should I do: install aloop-daemon package or what?

@lir3000: I’ve just installed what GMaq told and my Firefox is working with Ardour simultaneously in AVL2016 now:

For me it was enough only to install:

apt-get install pulseaudio pulseaudio-utils pulseaudio-module-jack pavucontrol

After installation restart the Cadence/ and check the PulseAudio bridge. If it will be activated - start it, and the sound on utube must appear. Also, after starting the PulseAudio bridge - restart the Firefox, if it will not take effect straight away.

May be, for Ubuntu Studio there will be the same result. Or just try to do step by step following GMaq’s instructions.

@GMaq: Everything works perfect. Thanks!

Cadence is part of the kxstudio project. You will want to get both Cadence and Carla.

lir3000: Cadence is a jack guide interface, which I found in KXStudio 14.04. If you’re testing UbuntuStudio, it must already have KXStudio repositories installed (as I know), so you need only:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cadence

(I’m not sure about ‘apt-get’ command for ubuntu 16.04, but something like that)

If you steel have no mentioned repos, go here:

@lir3000: I have to say, I’m not so skilled linux user, and my advises may be not enough. For example, I installed AVLinux recently to test. Just after installation my Firefox sound worked well. Later, I got a message from Firefox about ability to upgrade. When I upgraded my Firefox- the sound disappeared. I decided to install the Cadence (AVL has no by default). I had done all the same adjustments for Cadence as I have in KXStudio. But still have no sound in browser. So now I understand I need to learn more about jack (sorry), because there are something basic preferences, which can be adjust different way for special distribution of linux.
I suspect, when I’ll learn such things about jack, it will be no matter which interface I use (Carla or QjackCtl). Or, just use the terminal only, like many well skilled linux users:)


The Firefox sound problem has nothing to do with Cadence or Qjackctl etc. Mozilla made a very misguided decision in Firefox 52 to remove ALSA support, so Firefox will only work on a system with PulseAudio installed, since AV Linux does not use PulseAudio by default the browser sound stopped working. This has been addressed and ‘future-proofed’ in this guide here:

Because of a stupid decision for of a Web Browser of all things a very simple and efficient Audio setup that has worked for years has had to be thrown under the bus…*facepalm

Big thanks, Gmaq! Otherwise I’d tried in vain to find the solution in wrong area… thanks!

GMaq - thanks a lot! Is there any problem with other browsers, e.g. Chrome?


This just affects Firefox 52 and up so far at this time, it is always possible if there is enough public pressure that Mozilla will go back to supporting ALSA. I think Chrome is currently OK. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot more Browsers and Media players etc. in the future do something similar. PulseAudio is here to stay and has become the ‘standard’ embedded sound server so even specialized Audio distros have to be prepared.

Cooltechno thanks bro! I’ve got installed KXSTUDIO repo and Cadence with Carla. So, what should I do next? Settings? Or maybe you got a link to guide for my problem? Again, sorry, I’m a newbe with all this stuf (but I like it :slight_smile:

@lir3000 sorry for late response, but GMaq lead it to another level… do you use Firefox 52 or above ?
@GMaq do you think that Linux audio users should start some kind of petition to Mozilla ?