Ardour Workshop 2009 in Toronto

Come and learn how to use the Ardour Digital Audio Workstation over a delicious cup of coffee.

Thursday August 13th from 7-8pm
Linuxcaffé, 326 Harbord St.
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Topics included will be

 *Exporting to MP3
 *Soundtracking Video

and more! So come along and bring your friends. Pay What You Can, suggested donation $10

See you there!


Sounds really cool, Good for you and your group for putting something like this on, I live in Ontario as well but likely can’t make the 2+ hour drive to T.O., I hope it’s a success, please post back with a little blurb about how it went.

Overdubs for the win;) At least on the parts where you are demonstrating.



The workshop was a success. Unfortunately, not many people made it out, but those who did enjoyed it and learned a lot! I video recorded the workshop, but (ironically) the sound on my little camera was insufficient to post. Hopefully next time it’ll work out better.

All the best!