Ardour won't run, and I'm lost.

I installed Ardour using Add/Remove. When I try to execute the program, a little black box pops up that says:

Ardour could not connect to JACK. There are several possible reasons:
  1. JACK is not running.
  2. JACK is running as another user, perhaps root.
  3. There is already another client called “ardour”.

Please consider the possibilities, and perhaps (re)start JACK.

This may as well be Greek for me. I have no concept of what JACK is, why it would or wouldn’t be running, and why on earth an application would be placed into a repository if it doesn’t work immediately after installation.

Did I do something wrong? This is very frustrating.

Ardour main page > Further Reading > Jack


in short : install ‘qjackctl’ and make it run first before launching Ardour

What Linux distribution? Many distributions do an appalling job of packing pro-audio/music-oriented applications.

As for what JACK is, if you look over there ->>>> on the right side of the page, there is a whole link called “JACK” that takes you to a page to explain what it is.

To provide some context for why JACK is so important (given that you have read the link above): we are not very interested in turning Ardour into the typical single-application ghetto offered by so many proprietary DAWs. Ardour is intended to function within a potentially very rich system of other applications and utilities connected together with JACK.

Linux people are amazing. I mean that. I made the jump to Ubuntu (Feisty) about 10 days ago, I’ve been having lots of little annoying (and sometimes very frustrating) issues, I’ve been asking what probably seem to be very stupid questions to most others on this and the Ubuntu forums, and every time I get extra-friendly, benevolent responses. I can see that I’ll be a noob for awhile yet, but I’m sticking with it. So far, the other users and developers out there are the best part of the Linux experience!

I have Ardour up and running fine. Thank you for your patience and your help!