ardour wont recognize

i have posted questions on my delta 1010, setting it up and whatnot. and it is now registering sound in envy24control. however, the playthru is fuzzy at best, JACK still wont read the 8 inputs and ardour doest recognize any of the sound thats being shown in envy24control. what do i do?

If there is on signal in the jack ports it means you have the soundcards’ mixer set up wrong. Look in envy24control how the hardware inputs are routed.

Regarding the playthru being “fuzzy”. Check the parameters you run jack with. You can do this easily via the setup page in qjackctl. The major questions are:

  • Are you running in realtime? This might require some distribution specific tweaking but it should be very easy or any modern distribution. For example, see
  • What "Frames/period" are you using? The lower this parameter is, the more overhead and more stress it causes to the system and might cause "fuzzy" output and input. However, the higher the value is the more latency you will get. Operation at low values is much better when running in realtime. Only use powers of two.
  • What "Periods/buffer" are you using? Some soundcards prefer different values. If my memory serves right the default, 2, should be good for ice1712 based soundcards. 3 is another usual option.

This is strange. None of my Delta 1010s have behaved like this. You shouldn’t have to do anything with envy24control to make jackd and Ardour work with a 1010.

Try starting jackd from the command line with a simple command:

jackd -d alsa -d hw:?

where hw:? is your sound card, eg. hw:0 for the first card, hw:1 for the second, etc. (BTW the card order is not necessarily the physical order of the cards in PCI slots - it’s the order in which the drivers are initialised by the kernel on boot).

You should then be able to start Ardour, although you’ll get xruns. When that works shut down Ardour, Ctrl-C to stop jackd , and restart jackd with realtime priority:

jackd -R -P -d alsa -d hw:?

Now, assuming your system is set up to allow user realtime privileges, Ardour should run better.

jackd’s defaults work well with the 1010, so keep the command lines as simple as possible while trouble-shooting; don’t add unnecessary options.

If none of these steps work, there is something seriously wrong. Check the PCI card is seated correctly in the PCI slot, and check the host cable is correctly pushed in to the connectors (also check there aren’t any bent pins in the D connectors).
Is this a new Delta 1010? Some older ones wouldn’t work with a PCI-X slot, but any made in the last couple of years should be fine.

it is a new 1010 . and that command line did get the ports into jack. now its just a matter of figuring out how to link them into ardour and i will be all set. thx. you all have been a great help