Ardour won't playback sound via headphones


I’ve just installed a new ubuntu 11.04 including ardour and I’m a bit surprised that I don’t have to start the JACK daemon by myself anymore. Instead I just fire up ardour and JACK is running, too. That’s fine!

But: Ardour won’t play sound through the headphone jack, but only using the internal speakers (it’s a notebook). This is the case just with this JACK-depending application: Once JACK is stopped, I can listen to music and system sounds via headphones again. Just Ardour plays back only via the internal speakers.

I believe this is more a JACK-related thing, but I didn’t find a solution on, neither
a forum - that’s why I’m here.

Any hints? Thanks in advance,

Edit the output connections on the bottom of the master strip. How many playbacks do you see under “system” tab? And read this recent thread:


Hey Pablo,

thanks for your support!
Indeed I just had to connect the output to all four system playbacks. No I can hear sound via headphones or the internal speakers.

Apparently pulse audio is still switching the internal speakers off, as soon as I plug in the headphones, which is good, too. I would have thought, this is realized ba hardware, but as Paul wrote it’s more likely a software switch. Anyway, ardour is up and running fine now.

But I have to admit that the routing dialog for connecting ardour’s outputs to the system is hard to use, i.e. it’s not intuitive at all. There’s work to do IMHO.

Regards and thanks once again,