Ardour won't open project


I hope somebody might be able to help me out.

Ardour crashed as follows: I pressed “Space” to stop the current recording as I did all evening. With the pressing of “Space”, Ardour didn’t answer anymore and I had to force the program to quit. When I tried to relaunch, it informed me that it had registered that it crashed during a recording and it asked me to either recreate the part that I had been doing when it crashed or to forfeit these data (and do that last part again or whatever). I chose the latter, the Ardour logo came on where it says that it’s loading the tracks etc., but then the logo disappeared and nothing happened.

When I restarted the computer, Ardour again showed me the two after-crash options. This time I opted for recreation of the data, but the result was the same: Ardour logo - and nothing.

I had no problem opening and working on any other projects. When I tried to open the project that had crashed from within Ardour with another project running, it also gave me the logo, and then the program disappeared and I was back on Ubuntu.

No error message ever came up.

I didn’t find anything really useful on the forum, so I hope somebody will have an idea (it would be a pain in the … to do it all again).

I am using Ardour 4.4.0 on Ubuntu 14.04.

Thank you very much!

Hello folks!

I'm new here... I started my first project in Ardour yesterday and got a similar problem. I use Ardour 4.4.0 in Ubuntu Studio 14.04 LTS, with a Presonus Audiobox USB. While I was listening to the project I removed an Auxiliar Send. I instantly got a strange noise, so I saved the project and closed Ardour. But now when I try to open the project, Ardour simply disappears after the "Audio/Midi Setup"... Once I can create new projects em edit them, I think that the project file is corrupt. But What should I do? Is it possible to recover a corrupt project? Does any one have any idea about what may have hapenned?

Stay well!

I finally managed to recover the raw tracks! After six hours of research and XML editing on the ardour project file, I reached a procedure that worked out (see First I copied the sources, regions and playlists from the old corrupt ardour file to a new empty project in gedit. Then, I copied each track (one by one) to the new project. Each time I added a new track, I needed to open Ardour and remove all effects, sends and reset its output to master bus… otherwise the project wouldn’t open again. I repeated this procedure to each track and it worked. At least I recovered the recording effort!! Now I learned the importance of saving snapshots, specially before adding plugins!!!

Stay well!

You can tell Ardour to open without any plugins, which is the primary cause of this (Bad plugins). I believe the command line switch for this is -d

On the flip side you just learned a LOT about how Ardour sessions are handled:)


Yes, I learned a lot!! The right command on a terminal window to do this is: /opt/Ardour-4.4.0/bin/ardour4 -B. It will start any project with all plugins and auxiliar sends turned off… project opens normally!!

Stay well you all!