Ardour won´t open, please help

Hi everyone,

I´m a newbie. I payed the us1 for Ardour after trying out the demo version.

All good, but for some unknown reason Ardour won´t open anymore. It doesn´t even say anything. I reinstalled it but nothing changed.

Is it something to do with the previous demo version? Ardour didn´t provide any registration number or anything.

It´s the built version, on a Win 7 64bits

Please, any help will be more than welcome.


How’s it going? I have both 64 and 34 bit and and they both work in wind 7

Hi, I had problems like this on Windows from time to time
for no particular reason.
In all my cases, I went to the program folder and clicked on the exe file
in the particular programs folder, and it would open, then I just right clicked
the same exe and selected send to desktop as shortcut, or create shortcut
depending on version of Windows.
Nothing to loose by trying, also stop your anti virus in case it is involved in the problem,
don’t forget to start it again though.