ARDOUR with UAD Apollo?

Hello - just signup to ask about using ARDOUR with UAD Apollo? Sometimes I fantasize about not using windows especially win10, as it has an increasingly list of reprehensible features (IMO). I do not see that there is UAD hardware support for Linux from UAD or FFADO. But could it be possible to run the UAD thunderbolt drivers in WINE or in a VM in Linux or other setup? I also need to use VST’s for widows/mac, would be the only satisfactory way since I have a large investment in premium plugins.

Anyone have knowledge of such setups functioning well?


I dont know about the hardware thing for you, but my answer will be about plugins

If you really want to use linux its in my mind best to use native plugins, this only way it can grow.

I know some devs of plugs port them to linux due to asking from customers, you should ask devs to port your plugs to linux :wink:

By the way using ardour with vst is a bit tricky via wine and carla host or linvst and I think it is not a good solution for production purpose because not alk plugs will work that way and it may not be stable as native ones.

Let see others point of view :wink:


Short version is UAD will not work under Linux. Sorry.


I so appreciate you taking the time to confirm that! Kinda figured when I could not find anything on it. I am not likely to abandon $15k in UAD, that does work brilliantly with best workflow I have ever had - Cheers!

Removed your dup.

Yea I can understand that. Plugin options are getting better on Linux all the time, but yea losing investments is rough.