Ardour with LV2 support


I just compiled and installed Ardour with LV2 support and download and install LV2 plugin bundle swh-lv2-1.0.15 from
I made a installation like a root and installation type like “install-system” it’s mean for all users.
After log-out ,log-in I still can’t find LV2 plugins in Ardour plugins window.
I didn’t found any info with this topic.

Thanks for any help/sugestion.



PS:directory /usr/local/lib/lv2 exists… It’s looks like Ardour doesn’t looking for in this dir.


Did you fetch LV2 from its svn repository?

I download them from this sites using lattest version from january…

No, I meant the LV2 code. Ardour requires LV2 from svn, it will not build with LV2 support otherwise.

Ok, this will be the problem probably.
I put this command in console and it starts print long list like this:
64studio:~# cd /root/Down/ardour-2.3
64studio:~/Down/ardour-2.3# svn co

A 2.0-ongoing/gtk2_ardour
A 2.0-ongoing/gtk2_ardour/point_selection.h
A 2.0-ongoing/gtk2_ardour/
A 2.0-ongoing/gtk2_ardour/keyboard.h
A 2.0-ongoing/gtk2_ardour/
A 2.0-ongoing/gtk2_ardour/redirect_automation_time_axis.h
A 2.0-ongoing/gtk2_ardour/
A 2.0-ongoing/gtk2_ardour/

What I am doing?
It is right procedure? If yes what is next step?

Sorry, it is a bit new for me… I didn’t find HOW-TO.



what you just did will blow up your machine!!! :slight_smile:
just kidding, you just checked out (downloaded) the development version of the ardour source code. But according to your 1st post, you ahd already compiled ardour from source.

So let me understand this right :
1- you downloaded some version of the ardour source code (maybe the release tarball?)
2- you dwonloaded the release source code of the swh-lv2

you compiled everything but cannot get it right at runtime.

Paul was mentioning that you need the SVN (aka dev) version of the LV2 code, not ardour. In your last post, you seemed to have checked out the svn version of ardour 2.3 inside an already existing ardour-2.3 source tree (what I assumed in point 1- to be the official source release). So I would do this :

if my point 1- is true, just remove what you just checked out : rm -r 2.0-ongoing
now, outside the whole ardour-2.3 dir (cd …), check out the LV2 SVN code, compile install.
Then recompile ardour-2.3 against it (as you mentioned in your 1st post).

And of course … good luck :slight_smile:

You scary me :-))))
Yes exactly… I compilled Ardour from downloaded source code (yes tarball)
It is a little bit more clear now.
But still don’t understand how to check out LV2 SVN code…



It is mean to install swh-lv2-1.0.15 first and than build and install Ardour? Right?
This command should be ok?
“scons VST=1 FFT_ANALYSIS=1 SLV2=1”


I unistalled Ardour than installed lv2core-2.0 and slv2-0.5.0 from source.
After that build Ardour again with command:
“scons VST=1 FFT_ANALYSIS=1 SLV2=1”
Checked what I build by “scons --help”
I get this output:

VST: Compile with support for VST (yes|no)
default: 0
actual: 1

LV2: Compile with support for LV2 (if slv2 is available) (yes|no)
default: 1
actual: 0

After that I unistall Ardour again and tried build with this command:
“scons VST=1 FFT_ANALYSIS=1 LV2=1”

I got same output…

Don’t know what is wrong.

Thanks for help/suggestions


Now I know that I need get sources by “svn co
But for building I need a lot of packages from Sid (unstable) repository.

Thanks for help


I just did this (compiled ardour3 from source with lv2 support) and noted that I had to add a symlink before ardour3 would launch:

cd /usr/local/lib/ardour3
ln -s …/ .

I suppose I could have configured libslv2 with a different prefix as well.

– jos