ardour with jamin no usable exports

Running System: Ubuntu 804.1 32Bit with RME Hammerfall.
When I try to export a stereo file and use jamin as an insert at the master bus the resulting wav file is not usable. It sounds like hundreds of buffer underruns.
When I listen to the downmix direct out of ardour everything sounds like it should.
The CPU usage of jamin and ardour is > 70% and the screen ist very slow even when I run jack with more then 90ms latency.

I would like to know if there is solution.

All unused programs are deactivated incl the IP stack, bluetooth …

Hey folks,
find a solution :slight_smile:

I upgraded ardour to 2.7.1 without any effect.
Now I build a valilla kernel with rt patch and the cpu usage is now under 50 % for jamin and ardour.
I can export files even under realtime usage below 5ms.

The kernel source :


Adjust the .config to your need and give it a try.

Thanks to all of you.


what happens if you bypass the jamin processing but keep the insert activated ? (jamin bypass button on)

Hi thorgal,
When I bypass jamin the exported file sounds as expected.

Hi Potty.

How have you got Jamin configured?

I connect as an Insert at the post fader point of the Master channel outputs.

One thing I noticed is that I need to make sure Jamin’s outputs are only connected to the Insert returns and not anywhere else (e.g. ALSA playback device) otherwise things start to go wrong.

I hope this is useful


make sure that:

insert’s outs go to jamin’s ins
insert’s ins take jamin’s outs
jamin’s outs are not connected to system:playbacks
master’s outs (after insert) are connected to system:playbacks (if you want to hear something :slight_smile:

then, in jamin, don’t apply any weird setting, just the default, which should in principle be a completely transparent setting (no EQ, no warmth boost, no limiter, no comp, no stereo image setting, etc). Don’t forget to turn off the bypass button, to make sure the audio does go through all of jamin’s stages.

i am experiencing the same problem on my 64bit machine - with 64studio-2.1, ardour 2.7.1 and jackdmp-1.9 on it.
last week i managed to do one export, with jamin inserted to the master channel, which was ok. every other time, the exported file sound like ‘triggered with a chainsaw’.
exporting just a region works ok.

on my 32bit system, which is single processor with debian-testing and jackd-0.116.1 everything works ok.

i ll try exporting with jamin bypassed as soon as i am in my ‘studio’ again.


p.s. for me this looks like some bug in jamin and not in ardour.

rt kernel upgrade
you can find a current vanilla kernel source incl. realtime patch here:

lastest version is

( 49 MB )