Ardour Windows vs Linux

I’ve been using Ardour for a while in Linux and it has been great. I then suggested it to a friend who wanted to run it in Windows. He tested in Linux and liked it, but told me that when he tried it in Windows the performance was considerably worse (on the same machine).

Is that expected? Are there steps one would need to take to ensure Ardour runs well in Windows? I have no experience with Ardour in Windows, so I could give no advice…

Before answering, we’d need to know what is meant by “performance” in this context?

It may not be Ardour specific. In many cases default Windows systems are a lot more conservative and need more tuning compared to Linux ones.

Perhaps have a look at High DSP Load and don't know why thread and the follow up posts:

Finally the issue was (apparently) windows trying to save battery power, I followed some recomendations n guides about optimizing the OS […]

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